Green Delete

The right team makes all the difference.

The Green Delete team has nearly a century of combined experience in information systems and data security. When it comes to data security threats, we know what to look for, where to look, and most importantly, how to eradicate them before they become a problem to your organization.

Marilyn Slavin, Founder and CEO

Marilyn is an executive with nearly 30 years of broad experience in the IT industry. She held executive level positions in multiple business units within major corporations such as Fujitsu Services, Fujitsu America, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard, where she focused her talents on the proliferation of hardware and software products and services.

In these roles, Marilyn saw the gaping need for a better approach to the overall management and deletion of data within enterprise companies. This included the basic knowledge of the location of data and the policy-driven knowledge of where and when data needed to be completely eliminated, effectively, efficiently and most importantly, legally so as to eliminate all liability.

Greg Reuter, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Greg co-founded Green Delete to address the un-noticed industry need for secure, onsite data destruction at the advent of Cloud computing. As CTO, he developed and implemented Green Delete’s end-to-end service offering, now considered an industry leader for certified, secure onsite data eradication. Greg is recognized as a thought leader in real world data management security and secure data destruction. His strength in tracking and anticipating data security trends fuels his oversight of the Company’s R&D efforts.

Greg uses his unique and broad base of technical knowledge in tandem with practical application to strategically address each project, whether it is data management security, transitioning entire infrastructures to the Cloud, or exploring the labyrinth of encryption usage. Since Green Delete received its GSA Schedule 70 award, Greg has been instrumental in developing new products, protocols, and services that address the specific data management security needs of the US Government.

The best data security specialists don’t just bring solutions. They bring peace of mind.

Green Delete was awarded a GSA IT Schedule 70 contract from the US Government Services Administration and is a certified Woman-owned Small Business.


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