The Challenge for Every Business

Developing a sound data protection strategy is one of the most complex tasks facing companies today. Failure to properly decommission just one storage asset can result in fines, damage to reputation, as well as civil and criminal liability.

Information is a critical and valuable asset to any organization. More and more regulations are being enforced at all levels to protect information and ensure that breaches are avoided. All organizations invest considerably in their IT departments when it comes to securing their data. Installing firewalls, password protocols and physical access safeguards in an effort to prevent data theft becomes a complex and time-consuming activity. However, an improper decommissioning of the data once the IT assets are retired from use could compromise all resources employed.

The Green Solution

Green Delete's onsite service securely eradicates data from decommissioned storage media, alleviating risk and liability for the client while enabling them to recapture economic value and recycle assets responsibly.


Eradicate data without destroying valuable hardware.

Preserve the

Reduce carbon footprint by recycling IT assets.


Save the many
hours required to overwrite data.


Avoid substantial
fees associated with data overwriting.

Our Mission

"Our goal is to create a new green generation of asset disposition services. Our services make it easy for enterprises and consumers to responsibly dispose, recycle, resell or donate IT assets, in a legal, safe, environmentally and financially sound fashion."

—Marilyn Slavin, CEO